Thursday, July 21, 2011

Oak Ridge Cemetery, Rochelle, Fl.

  Oak Ridge is the final resting place of Madison Starke Perry, his wife Martha and his son Madison Jr. Madison Sr. was the last governor of Florida before the Civil War. At the start of the war he was made a colonel of the Seventh Fla. Regiment of the CSA. However, he had to quit the army two years later due to an illness. He died about two years later and was buried on a plot of land he had already donated to the community for a cemetery. Madison Jr. was also in the cavalry of the CSA. He was only 15 when the war started.

  Perry owned a large plantation in the area of what is now Rochelle. Some years after his passing, his wife started the Martha Perry Institute for girls in Rochelle. It was in use until 1935 and is now on the National Historic Registry under the name of The Rochelle School.

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  1. Oak Ridge Cemetery is the resting place of many of my beloved relatives including my father, Willie Lucas. We are the descendants of Thomas and Maria Bradley who are also buried at Oak Ridge Cemetery. Our family has a rich and historical lineage stemming from the town of Rochelle and Miconopy. I am forever grateful for the sacrifice our ancestors made in providing a strong foundation for us to matriculate from. May they rest in peace and to God be the Glory....Willie Lucas III