Saturday, June 25, 2011

  In downtown Savannah, Ga. there is Colonial Park Cemetery. It has been there since the 1700's. There is a brick wall on the east side that has numerous gravestones bolted to it. Apparently, when Sherman occupied Savannah during his march to the sea, his soldiers destroyed and disfigured many of the gravestones when they set up camp there. After the Union Army left, the city fathers could not replace the stones in their proper places since no burial records were kept except for the more important persons. Subsequently, they bolted all the stones to the wall. One of the things that the soldiers also did was change dates on the stones,  which would explain why one ladies inscription had her dying before she was born.
  Because of the soldier's actions their are many more people buried there than the stones indicate. Which also means that you will walk over many graves no matter how hard you try not to.

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