Saturday, June 25, 2011

  On at least two occasions I think I received some "guidance" to help me locate graves. In 1986 I entered a photo competition in Berea Ky. Each photographer had 24 hrs. to shoot photos within a 10 mile radius in three categories. I was driving down a country road on a foggy morning looking for a possible subject. As I passed a narrow dirt road to my left, I happened to glance down it and saw an old cemetery. I took several photos of old graves with a foggy background. One of them subsequently won best in show at the competition. When I showed an enlargement to my late wife the next day, she realized that the closest grave to the camera was her great grandmother. The same one she and her father had been trying to locate a couple of years earlier.

  Several months ago I was driving slowly down an old highway near Island Grove, Fl when I happened to notice another dirt road to my left. I had a feeling that I needed to explore it. After driving about 300 yards, I came upon a small overgrown cemetery in the woods with a short chain link fence around it. Upon exploring I found several graves of persons with my last name. Two of them, a father and son, were CSA soldiers serving in Forida. The son, who was in the cavalry, was 12 years old when the Civil War started.
  I have found that a lot of settlers in the 1800's in Florida were from north Georgia and NW South Carolina which is where my family is from. I have also found that all Carltons in America are descended from an Edward Carlton who came from England in the 1600's with other Puritans to settle in Massachusetts.

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